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Our Services

We work with your marketing department to fullfill all their promotional needs. 
We offer our clients fast and effective solutions to all their promotional needs.

Some of our services are:

  • Concept Design
  • Promotional Logistics
  • Trade Promotions
  • Sampling
  • Street Marketing
  • Booth Designs and set up
  • Games and Contests
  • Brand Ambassadors & Promoters
  • POP Materials
  • Banner & Mesh printing
  • Sale & Rent of promotional equipment

Concept Design:

A good promotional concept will create brand awareness and increase product's sells.
We specialize in concept creation and development for trade, special events, street marketing and whenever your product needs to be showcase.
We will also work with your idea to make it executable while keeping  it cost effective

Lets us design your next promotion!

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Trade Promotions:

Good execution and pro-active promoters and brand ambassadors can make the difference between a good promotion and an excellent one.

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Promotion Logistics:

Have an idea? We can help you give it form and make it executable while keeping it cost effective.

You think of it and we make it work!

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Sampling is the art of getting the product to the consumer but it needs to have the right when, where and when.
these days, consumers are presented with many choices and sampling your product will allow the consumer to learn first hand the attributes of your brand.

We can design a sampling strategy that will include:

  • trade
  • street sampling
  • out of the box sampling
  • massive events sampling

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Street Marketing:

Create an impact expanding your demo options.

Think of the box!      

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Booth Designs:

We can design your booth for your next trade you or promotion.

We offer booth set up and warehousing.

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Instant gratification and games will have new consumers trying your product and will rapidly increase sales.

The right execution will guarantee your success!

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Promoters & Brand Ambassadors:

It doesn't matter how good your promotion is, if you don't have the right promoters, it will not accomplish its goal.

Our promoters are trained in sales strategy and effective communications skills and will become your best product's ambassadors.

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